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This art hurts my soul! Sally did such an amazing job! I love Reylo. They deserved so much better! 

This Sleeve is XL and fit most large hardback books. Its roughly 9.5x11.5 it has a black cotton lining and is very pretty! The top is finished and sewn for a clean and nice look. 

This is a preorder! These ship typically in 6-8 weeks! We plan to start shipping these sleeves around September 1st 3-5 batches.

This order comes with one free art print! We hope you love it! 

SHIPPING LABLES CAN BE PRINTED UP TO 1-2 WEEK EARLY! If you have the app ARRIVE this can help you keep track of your order

We hope yo love this art by @Salteas as much as we do! 

May the sleeves be ever in your favor!

We do not offer refunds once the sleeve is purchased. This includes merging shipping if you order more than once on separate orders or if you missed using the rep codes. Also please refer to our Policies for shipping and refunds. If you purchase this sleeve you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions.