Not today COVID19

Not Today Covid19

As many of you know, COVID is running rampant all over the world wreaking havoc. Not only is this evil virus detrimental to our health but now our livelihood and survival.  

Social distancing has made it to where many factories and manufacturers have had to close down or reduce workers making it nearly impossible for us to obtain the material necessary to make our book-sleeves. This is devastating for us, not just financially but because this small shop was built with community in mind and to see that jeopardized is scary. We don't want to lose our ACOBAF Family and customers. 

With all of this being said, I can say with all honesty we don't know yet is the shop will survive this storm, but if we do, it will be solely because to you. You will be our saving grace. Obviously we know that we are not the only ones who's live have changed financially due to this jerk of a virus, but we are all in this together, and we thank you for supporting out small business and others. Even if its just a shout out on social media or a wonderful email full of kind words. Know we see you and thank you for your strength you lend us in this moment. 

I plan do do weekly little updates, this first one was just to say thank you for helping us survive thus far, and we hope to be here for much longer. If we aren't it was a hell of a ride and the community itself is going no where. Even if we have no sleeves you are family and we plan to stay active on all of our social media and stay in contact with you! Love and hugs! Alex!